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Edit a staff member's information
Email SettingsStatement emails, Overdue reminders, and Sign up confirmations
Starting a group chat with parents, classrooms, and programsHow to start different group chats from the admin dashboard
Guardian details pageClick on a guardian to add details
How to schedule two times in one dayHave separate times scheduled for a student within one day
Schedule absence on web
Add staff schedule for the weekAssign weekly scheduling for staff
Delete a saved account from your app
How to print a formPrinting paperwork and forms from the admin dashboard
How to remove a saved login from the Playground mobile appRemoving a login on our app
Blended familiesHow to set up guardian accounts correctly for blended families.
Customize the student profileAdd custom fields to all student profiles to store specific student data.
Delete staffDelete a teacher or admin from Playground.
Filter studentsFilter your students to see a specific group.
Active vs. inactiveThe difference between active and inactive students.
Invite guardians to Playground
Adding an existing guardian to another student's account
Switch AccountsSwitch between different views of Playground if you're signed up using one email
How to disable a staff member's accountRestrict a staff member's account without deleting it.
How to check your app version number
Guardian relationships
Add a recurring staff scheduleAdd recurring schedules for multiple staff members at once
Assign multiple students to a new classA guide to switching students from one classroom to another on the Administrator Dashboard.
Add a recurring student scheduleAdd recurring schedules for multiple students at once
How to edit a student's information from the Administrator DashboardA guide to updating a student's information as an administrator.
Assigning Teachers to Multiple ClassroomsHow to use the administrator dashboard to assign a teacher to more than one classroom
How to add parents or guardians to PlaygroundA guide to adding parents of new students and existing students to Playground through the Administrator Dashboard.
Add staffInvite your teachers to join your center on Playground
Change a classroom nameQuickly change a classroom's name.
Staff RolesManage your staff's access in Playground by assigning them permissions with roles.
Email subscription managementSubscribe or unsubscribe guardians from emails
Staff custom fields on webCreate custom fields on the profiles for your staff members