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Export student data from Brightwheel in order to migrate into Playground.

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When switching from Brightwheel to Playground, administrators can export their student rosters from Brightwheel and upload it directly into Playground using a .csv file. This process will create the new classes and add both the students and their guardians (with phone number and email address).

In Brightwheel, you'll select Reporting > Student Reports > Contacts to get to the Contacts report. If you want to import just enrolled students, under "Student Status" select "Active" and you can make additional filter selections under "Type of contact(s)". We recommend selecting "Parents" under Type of contact(s) as they will be imported as Primary guardians in Playground. This allows the Primary guardians to add and invite other Guardians on their own and choose if those people are primary or secondary guardians.

Next, click the "Create report" button to generate the report and then click the "Export" button above it. You'll select the email address for the .csv report file to be sent to and once received, please download the file to a location you'll remember.


  • Brightwheel has a variety of Status settings including multiple statuses for students who are in between Prospect and Enrolled.

  • There are also multiple types of contacts and we require adding them manually after the fact.

Click here to view our article on uploading the file to Playground as a roster.

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