Sandbox migration

Export student data from Sandbox in order to migrate into Playground.

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  1. Login to your Sandbox account

  2. Click the Reports tab in the top right corner

  3. Open the Admin Reports under the Categories

  4. Select the Child List report

  5. In the Report Parameters:

    • Select today's date as the "Run report as of" date

    • Order by: Class

    • Do not check off the "Include Images" checkbox

    • Uncheck any inactive classrooms

  6. Click "Export to Excel"

  7. Please do not edit or alter the Excel file. Email this file to your Onboarding Manager.

Please note, the only data that can migrated from Sandbox includes:

  • Child Name

  • Classroom

  • Address

  • Birthday

  • 1 guardian with their email and phone number

  • Additional guardian names only

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