After a family has submitted their enrollment application(s), each application will appear in the Enrollment dashboard which is part of the Administrator dashboard. By default, all applications are automatically assigned a status of "Applied" which is the first tab.

Each of the five statuses has a separate tab with a search bar located above the "Applied" column. The search term will persist while you switch tabs until it's cleared, meaning if you search by the name "Maria", that search will filter for the name "Maria" as you click across to show you any students with that name, any guardian with that name, or any email address containing "Maria."

You can update the status of any record by clicking the three dots at the end of that row and then selecting "Update status." The two drop-down menus allow you to choose the new "Enrollment status" and if needed, update the plan as well. An example of updating the plan could be if a family applied for full-time enrollment, but while waiting for that to be available a part-time spot becomes open and they choose to fill it. In this case, the "Enrollment status" should be updated to Accepted and the "Plan" to Part-Time (3 days per week).

When a student is moved into "Accepted" or "Partially Accepted" you'll be presented with additional options to select which Plan their enrollment falls under, start date, which classroom to place them in to, which days they're accepted for (both options) vs waitlisted for (Partially Accepted). Additionally, you'll see their future payment schedule showing all upcoming tuition charges.

Each time you update an enrollment status, we recommend using the enrollment email templates to inform the family of that change. The email templates can be found in the Administrator dashboard by clicking Settings > Emails Tab > Edit email (for the new status). You can read more about Emails for status changes by ***clicking here***.

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