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Managing the Enrollment funnel
Managing the Enrollment funnel

How to manage applications once they've been submitted.

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In the Admin Dashboard, click on "Enrollment" on the left hand side and click on the listing you'd like to view submitted applications for. Once a family has submitted their enrollment application(s), each application will appear in the Enrollment funnel of the specific listing, in the left most Applied column. Each submitted application is seen as a card with the student's name and any other information you'd like to display based on your selected Board options. You can choose to receive an email every time a new application is submitted by clicking on "Settings" on the left hand side of the Admin Dashboard, scrolling all the way down to the Enrollment section, and toggling the "Application submission email notifications" setting on.

There are five statuses an application can be in: Applied, Waitlisted, Accepted, Rejected, and Dropped (no longer interested, accepted but decided not to attend, or applied to the wrong center/program). Each status has its own column in the enrollment funnel. To move a student to a different status, simply drag and drop the student's card into the correct column. When dragging and dropping into any column, you will be asked to "Save changes" at the top of the screen.

When moving a student into the Accepted column, you will be brought to the Accepted screen where you can assign the student to a classroom, select a start date, and create the student's billing plan or confirm it if it was already created through the plan selected. Be sure to click "Save". Check out THIS article to see exactly how to accept a student.

Automatic emails can be sent to inform a family of a change to their enrollment status. The email templates can be found and modified by clicking on the the three dots at the top of each of the five columns in the funnel and then clicking on "Customize email". If any column in the funnel will not be used, simply click the three dots at the top of any column and then click "Hide column". You can turn off automatic emails from being sent by following the steps HERE.

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