Playground can automate sending emails to prospective families as you move them through your enrollment process.

On the Administrator Dashboard, click on the "Settings" tab on the left-hand sidebar. Click on the “Emails” Tab of the settings page to access the four email templates available. Each email template is completely customizable. The four email templates available are:

  1. Enrollment applied status: automatically sent when a new family applies to your school

  2. Enrollment rejected status: automatically sent when you’ve rejected an application

  3. Enrollment accepted status: automatically sent when you’ve accepted an application

  4. Enrollment waitlisted status: automatically sent when you’ve waitlisted an application

Click on the blue “Edit email” button near any of the four templates in order to customize an existing template. On the right hand side of the edit screen, there are three tabs you can toggle between. The “Content” Tab will allow you to select what type of content you’d like to add to your letter. For example, if you would like to add an image to your letter template, you can drag and drop the image icon into the center of the screen. This will create a field where you can upload an image.

The second tab on the right hand side bar is “Blocks”. Blocks allow you to format your letter into multiple sections. In the example below, the two column block was used in order to get both images side by side, on the same line.

The third tab called “Body” allows you to format the letter to your liking. You can edit colors, sizing, font, and alignment in this section.


Variables are placeholders that autofill with custom information in your message content. You can insert a variable into the body of your message in order to have it autofill with on of the four items below:

  1. {{ listingName }}: the name of the listing on the center directory. This is typically your center’s name.

  2. {{ studentName }}: the name of the student on the application.

  3. {{ parentName }}: the name of the student who filled out the application.

  4. {{ selectedDays }}: the days or schedule selected on the application.

Always be sure to click the blue Save button in the top right corner of your screen in order to save your letter template.

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