Set up re-enrollment

Have existing families re-enroll to your center through Playground!

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From the Admin Dashboard, click on the Enrollment tab on the left hand side. Follow the steps below depending on your usage of enrollment:

Never created a listing

If you've never used Playground's enrollment feature, you'll be creating a brand new listing for re-enrolling families. Follow the instructions HERE to create a new listing.

Previously created an application or enrollment listing

If you've created an application or enrollment listing for previous school years, click the three dots in the bottom right corner of the listing you've already created. Click "Duplicate".

The Duplicate listing window will appear where you can rename the new listing (we recommend including the year in the name so it is not confused with other listings) and select what parts of your previous listing you'd like to copy over. You can edit the new listing to your liking and publish it when you're ready to create a link to send to families.

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