Custom reports

Create a report template with specific fields you need.

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Navigate to the Admin Dashboard. Click "Reports" on the left hand side bar. Click on the Custom reports tile.

Click "Create" in the top right corner to start a new Custom report.

Click the edit icon near "Untitled" to name your Custom Report. Selecting a specific field will create a column with the specific field's data on your Custom report. You can select fields from multiple sources, like the Student's profile, Guardian profile, or an enrollment listing form. Search for a specific field or select the arrow to the right of any source that you'd like to add a field from. Select the checkbox to the left of any available fields to add it to your report. As you check off fields, they will appear to the right signaling that they will be included in your report.

Click "Finish" in the top right corner of your screen once you've completed adding fields to the report. Instantly view the Custom report by clicking "Generate report" in the top right corner. Once the report generates, a line item with the generated date and time will appear. Click "View" to see the populated Custom report. Click "Edit" if any fields need to be updated.

Now that the Custom report template has been created, it can be accessed and a new copy can be generated at any time.

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