Add a subsidy program to the dashboard

From the Admin Dashboard, click on the Billing tab on the left hand side. Click "Subsidy" to open the subsidies dashboard.

In the top right corner, click the blue "Add subsidy" button. The Create subsidy window will appear. Enter the name, agency ID, and a description of the subsidy program. Click "Save" once completed.

Record a subsidy payment

When a subsidy payment is received from a specific agency, navigate to the Subsidy dashboard and click on the subsidy. In the top right corner, click "Add deposit".

The Distribute funds window will appear. Enter the total amount of check or payment the center received from the subsidy program in the Total received field. Select the deposit date. In the Select students section, all students will be listed and are searchable. Each student's current balance will be listed alongside their name. In the Received column, enter the portion of the total subsidy amount received that is allocated to the specific student. A Total distributed and Remaining amount of the total subsidy will be calculated at the bottom of the window as amounts received are added to students. Click "Save" once completed.

A line item is created for each subsidy deposit. Each deposit can be edited or deleted by clicking the three lines to the right of a deposit.

Recording a subsidy on a specific student will add a credit to the student's Payments tab and decrease their current balance by the amount of the subsidy.

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