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Generate a statement or invoice for families
Generate a statement or invoice for families

Produce a statement for families to see their balance and past transactions.

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From the Students tab of the Admin Dashboard, click on the student you'd like to generate a statement for. Statements are family-centric so statements will show all siblings within the family. Navigate to their Payments tab and scroll down to the Statements section.

Click the blue "Generate Statement" button on the right hand side. The Generate statement window will appear. Select if the statement should be generated to show transactions for all time or for a specific date range in the Date range field. If you'd like to generate the statement for a specific range, select the specific start and end date. Select the checkbox to the left of "Notify primary guardians of this statement" if you'd like to send the statement to the primary guardians immediately when generating the statement. Click "Generate".

A line item will appear in the Statements section with the new statement that was generated. Click the blue "View" button to the right to download a PDF of the statement.

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