Onboard your providers

A comprehensive guide to onboarding your providers.

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Ramp up your providers on how to navigate Playground using the steps below. In order to follow the steps below, you'll want to make sure you are an enterprise Administrator in the Playground dashboard.

Set Up

  1. Create a center for the provider.

  2. Add the provider as an Administrator to their specific center. Have the provider check their Inbox and Spam folder for the Playground email to create their account. Check to make sure the provider has created their account by checking the Signed Up column of the Staff tab in their Admin Dashboard.

  3. Have the provider bookmark app.tryplayground.com on a Chrome or Safari browser so that it is always accessible to them.


  1. Begin by explaining that the Admin Dashboard will be their Playground Control Center. This is where they will set up and manage their center. Teachers and parents should primarily use the Playground mobile app.

  2. Teach the Administrators how:

    1. Add students using any of the three methods that works best for the specific Administrator or provider

  3. Share the Staff Training video with Administrators so they know how to use the parent engagement functions of Playground on their app and can further train teachers on how to use it.

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