Hide paperwork

Remove paperwork from your and your guardian's views.

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Why hide paperwork?

Hiding paperwork in your Paperwork tab is a great way to reduce the amount of visible files in your account at one time. Additionally, hiding paperwork will remove that paperwork from any students it is shared with. This is great for storing historical documents that you can review at your convenience at any time.

What types of files can be hidden?

Currently, only Documents and File Requests are the only files that can be hidden. Forms are not able to be hidden.

Hiding files

You can hide both students and staff Documents and File Requests by navigating to your Paperwork tab.

Select either Student paperwork or Staff paperwork depending on which file you wish to hide.

Click on the ellipsis(. . .) next to the file to open a dropdown menu, and you can select the "Hide" option from that list. That will mark the file as hidden.

You can view your currently hidden files by clicking on the "Filters" button, and selecting "Hidden documents".

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