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Overdue paperwork notifications
Overdue paperwork notifications

Send a notification to guardians for overdue paperwork.

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Send paperwork notifications from the Paperwork tab

Locate the file in your Student paperwork tab

Click on the Paperwork tab, and click on Student paperwork. You will want to click on the file you wish to send out a notification for.

Filter your view to see which families have not submitted their paperwork

Once you have clicked on the file, the view of the student's entries will populate, and you can filter this list by the classrooms and programs it is shared with along with the status of the document by clicking on "Filters" on the right side of your view. You will want to filter by the students it has been shared with along with the status of the document.

These applied filters should narrow your view down to what you want to see: the students you have shared this file with that have not started the file. You can include the "In Progress" status if you would like to view the families that have started the file but have not submitted or uploaded the completed file.

Send the notification email out to guardians

Now that your list has been consolidated, click on the checkbox next to "Last Name" to select all of the students on the list. You will notice the gray search bar will update with a new option: "Send".

Click "Send" to send out a notification of this overdue paperwork to your guardians. Once you have clicked the "Send" button, you will notice a green confirmation banner that reads as: "The emails have been sent.".

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