Enterprise-level paperwork

Manage paperwork at the enterprise-level for specific or all sites.

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From the Enterprise Admin dashboard, you'll be able to create and manage student and staff paperwork across all sites. On the left hand side, click the Paperwork tab and select either "Student paperwork" or "Staff paperwork". There are four types of paperwork for students or staff:

Click the blue "Create" button in the top right corner and select the type of paperwork you'd like to add. The links above will walk you through creating each of the different types of paperwork.

Forms and Documents Visibility

Once uploaded, you'll be able to toggle the visibility of each form or document, as well as, select the specific sites that should have access to this paperwork. Click on the form or document you'd like to share. There will be three columns that appear underneath the form or document name:

  • Site - a list of every site in your enterprise

  • Assigned - a toggle that you can click to make the specific form or document available at the site. "Yes" means the site has access to the form or document and "No" means it does not.

  • Recipients - users within the site that have access to the form or document. Once a document is toggled "Yes" at a specific site, you'll want to make sure you click to assign recipients at the site. Recipients can be everyone at the site or specific groups.

File Requests and Resources Visibility

When creating a file request or resource at the enterprise-level, you'll be able to immediately assign the paperwork to specific sites or all sites within the enterprise. After creating the paperwork, please be sure to assign recipients, as outlined in the video above.

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