Enterprise-level paperwork

Manage paperwork at the enterprise-level for specific sites or all sites.

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You can create and manage student and staff paperwork across all sites from the Enterprise Admin dashboard. On the left-hand side, click the Paperwork tab and select "Student paperwork" or "Staff paperwork."

💡 This article addresses the paperwork features specific to Enterprise accounts. For a comprehensive walkthrough of all aspects of paperwork, click here.

Create Paperwork

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Paperwork can be created at an enterprise level by navigating to the Paperwork tab on your Enterprise dashboard. Select the blue Create button in the upper right-hand corner and select the type of paperwork that you would like to create. There are four types of paperwork for students or staff. Click the links below to read a detailed article on working with the different types of paperwork

  • Forms: Forms are a group of questions that guardians must complete.

  • Fillable PDFs: Fillable PDFs are documents that guardians should complete in Playground.

  • File Requests: File Requests allow guardians to upload PDF or photo versions forms/documents.

  • Resources: Resources are view-only files that can be shared with guardians.

Share Paperwork Between Sites

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Once paperwork is uploaded, you can select the specific sites and guardians who should have access to it.

  1. On the Paperwork tab of your Enterprise dashboard, click on the form, fillable PDF, file request, or resource you would like to share.

  2. When the document is selected, a drop-down will appear with every site in your enterprise.

  3. In the assigned column, toggle the yes/no button depending on which sites should have access to the document. Click the pencil icon at the top of the column to assign the document based on tags. This will assign the document to all sites that match any selected tag.

  4. In the recipients column, select the text to adjust the recipients. Click the pencil icon at the top of the column if you wish to have the same recipient settings across all sites.

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