Nap checks

Track students that are napping and receive a notification every 15 minutes to do a nap check in app.

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In order to begin using the 15 minute nap check feature, please make sure the following is in place:

  • In the General Settings of the Admin Dashboard, under the Teacher Permissions section, the "Track staff current classrooms" setting is toggled on (as seen below)

  • Staff members that are recording naps check-in to a classroom

  • When recording a nap, you must select to "record individual details"

  • Do not add an end time for the napping activity

From the Playground app, tap "New post" in the top left corner. Tap the "Napping" activity. Select students for whom you'd like to record a nap for and start the nap check timer then tap "Next". Select students from the list that are in the classroom you are currently checked into and tap "Next". If you selected more than one student, be sure to tap "Record bulk details" at the very top of the screen so that each individual student appears. Record any student specific details and be sure not to send a nap end time. Tap "Post". The nap check timer will begin on your Feed for 15 minutes.

At the top of your feed you'll see "# students napping" with the amount of time before the next required sleep check. By tapping on this, you'll open up all current nap timers. Tap "Add sleep check in" to record a sleep check and restart the timer. Tap "End nap" when the student has finished their nap time. These students will appear on the Ended tap.

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