Attendance and checks
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Remove an absence
How to schedule a future class changeSchedule an automatic future classroom change for a student
How to schedule a future inactive dateMark a student inactive in advance of their last day at your center
Mark a classroom inactiveMark a classroom as inactive if it is not currently being used
Edit an absenceEdit a recorded student absence.
View the students enrolled in a program
Add siblingAdd a sibling to an existing student
Contactless check-in/outSend guardians a prompt to their phone to check in
Add a missing program check-inRecord a date and time of a student's program check-in from the Admin Dashboard.
Enroll students into a program
Enroll a single student into a program
Inactive studentsInactive, Dropped, Disabled, and Graduated students
Delete studentDelete a student from the Admin Dashboard.
Bulk mark students inactiveMark multiple students inactive at the same time.
Bulk mark students activeMark multiple students active at the same time.
Edit program timesCorrect a program check-in or check-out time.
Delete a program check-in
Changes dashboardThe Changes Dashboard will keep a change log of edits or changes made by guardians.
Check in on the Admin DashboardCheck students in on the Playground web version.
Print the center's QR codePrint the QR code so families can check students in and out.
QR code check in and outOpen your QR code for families to check students in and out.
Uploading CCA AttendanceLearn how to automate the uploading of CCA attendance
Add absence on websiteLog students' duration of absence
Program check-in on webCheck-in students to programs via a web browser
Signatures required for drop-off and pick-upEnable and disable the signature requirement on drop-off and pick-up for each classroom.
How to edit a wellness check
How to add a single student
Preparing for the last day of schoolFollow this guide to end the school year off strong!
How to view carpools at your center
Add a missing check-in or out for a studentHow to add a missing check in or out for a student
Add missing attendance on admin dashboardLog missing attendance for a student
Mark a student inactive
ImmunizationsTrack your students immunizations and vaccine records on the Student profile.
Viewing current classroom ratiosHow administrators can see their current classroom ratio numbers
Edit student attendance recordsEditing a student's attendance check-in/out times
How to enable, complete, and run reports on daily wellness checksEnsure your school's safety with daily health surveys for you and your staff members.
Classroom ratiosEnsure you have staff coverage for all students in a class
Regenerate your QR codeGenerate a new QR code for your center
Transition students on webTransfer students between classrooms within a single day on desktop
Classroom transition logView a student's transitions to different classrooms throughout the day.
Nap checksTrack students that are napping and receive a notification every 15 minutes to do a nap check in app.
Classroom ratios on mobileView your classroom ratios directly from the Playground mobile app.
Transition staff on webTransition your staff to different classrooms throughout the day
Add multiple schedules for a studentAssign multiple schedules and class transitions within a single day for a student.
Agregar un estudiante individual
Transfer families between centersMove a family from one site to another.
On my way queueAllow guardians to let you know how far away they are.
Set up your KinderTrack integrationSet up KinderTrack integration for state attendance reporting.