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Staff hours overview for staff on mobile
Staff hours overview for staff on mobile

View your scheduled hours and clock in and out times.

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Locate your hours on the mobile application

When logging into your Playground account on mobile, to view your hours you will want to tap on the three horizontal lines on the top left of your view.

This will open the side navigation panel, and you will want to tap on My Profile.

From the My Profile tab, you will be able to view your (1)upcoming and historically scheduled hours and (2)the historical records for when you have clocked in and out by tapping on either (1)"Tap to view schedule" or (2)"Tap to view worked hours".

Your schedule on mobile

Tapping on "Tap to view schedule" will lead you to a view of your scheduled hours for the current week. You can review these as necessary at any time.

Your worked hours on mobile

Tapping on "Tap to view worked hours" will lead you to a view of:

  1. Your currently worked hours for the week including the total time you've been clocked in for the week

  2. Your billable amount(if applicable)

  3. A record of each day of the week that you clocked in

  4. Historical records of your worked hours

View hours information for a specific day of the week

Tapping on any of the days under the (3)Work Summary will populate another window for you where you can view similar information as is listed on the Time Tracker dashboard, but it is specific to the individual day.

View historical worked hours

Tapping on the (4)Week to date option will provide you with the option to view your worked hours from a previous week. You have a view options such as:

  • Last 2 weeks

  • Month to date

  • Year to date

This is a great way to get a quick glance at your historically worked hours.

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