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Overtime calculations on staff payroll reports
Overtime calculations on staff payroll reports

View the overtime hours accrued by your staff within a given time period.

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Calculating overtime

To calculate the overtime hours for your staff, you will need to ensure each staff member has a schedule added to their profile via the Scheduling tab. Here, you'll be able to add in the start and end times for your staff which the system will take into account when calculating the overtime.

Once you have your schedule added in, you're ready to start reporting on overtime hours for your staff!

View overtime hours accrued by staff

To view the overtime hours accred by staff in a given period, you will want to navigate to the Reports tab and select the Staff payroll tile.

You can select the appropriate report from the Report Type dropdown, and, for this example, we'll be working with the "Total Staff Hours" Report Type. We will also update the dates to reflect the 1st of October as the start, and the end as the 26th of October to get a current count of the overtime hours accrued this month.

Click on "Generate Report" in blue to start generating your report.

Once generated, your report will include:

  • The name of the staff member

  • The billable hours for the staff member

  • The total amount of break time for the staff member

  • Their amount earned over the selected timeframe

  • The overtime hours displayed in hours and minutes

  • The overtime hours displayed in a decimal format

  • Note: In the example above, Sean Manimi has 6.97 overtime hours. This means that he has worked 6 hours and 97% of the next hour, not 97 minutes.

My report does not have overtime hours as a column, is my report broken?

Great question, and no it is not!

Playground offers the ability to add in or remove columns from your reports as needed. If you do not find your report has the overtime columns, you will want to click on the "cog" icon on the right side of the report.

This will open the Adjust table headers panel for you which additional, optional columns to select for your reports. You'll notice the overtime toggles in the "Unselect columns" section.

Click on the gray toggle to enable them, and you'll have the overtime columns added to your report!

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