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Staff hours overview for admins
Staff hours overview for admins

Manage your staff's clock in and out times

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Clocking in and out

Staff members clock in and out using their Playground mobile app. Staff can clock in using the center's QR code or their unique staff pin code.

If a staff member forgets to clock in or out for an entire day, an admin can add in a day to make sure the staff member's hours are accurate. Admins can also edit a staff member's clock in or out time.

Review Staff Hours

Click on the Reports tab on the left hand side. From here, select the Staff payroll tile. Browse our 5 different Staff payroll reports to see which will best fit your needs. The most commonly used reports are the Daily Staff Hours report (shows hours per day) or the Total Staff Hours report (shows total amount of hours worked per staff member for the specified date range). The Playground reports can also show overtime hours based on an 8 hour workday or 40 hour workweek.

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