On my way queue

Allow guardians to let you know how far away they are.

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Enable the On my way queue

In the General Settings of your Admin Dashboard, scroll down to the Attendance section. Toggle the "On my way queue" feature on so it turns green.

Guardian view of On my way

Once enabled, guardians will be able to let you know how far away they are from your center. On the Parent app, guardians can tap "Notify guardians I'm on my way: Set ETA" at the top of their screen. Once they do so, the On my way window will appear where they can let you know if they are "Here now" or a specific amount of minutes away with a note option.

Once they have tapped "Notify school", they can see their Expected arrival time at the top of their app. Guardians have the option to update this if needed.

Admin view of the On my way queue

From the Admin app, administrators can tap the hamburger menu icon in the top left corner. From the menu, tap "On My Way Queue". The queue will pop up and show the students in order of ETA with the specific guardian listed underneath that is on their way to pick up the student.

By tapping on any student in the queue, the admin or staff will be brought to the check out screen for the student.

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