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Booking Drop-in Care

How to schedule drop-in care sessions as a family

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If your program offers drop-in care, you'll be able to view & book available flexible care slots at your convenience. Follow the instructions below to book drop-in care.

Book care

You'll be able to view and book available slots for your kid(s). These slots are paid for in advance of care. You'll need to have a Playground account and be logged into the mobile app.

  1. In the Playground mobile app, navigate to your child's profile by tapping the blue View [child name's] profile.

  2. Tap Schedule.

    1. This will show you the days & times your child is currently scheduled for care.

  3. Tap Book drop-in care.

  4. Tap the day(s) you'd like to book care and select the care option you'd like by tapping Add to cart.

    1. You'll be able to see the name of the drop-in care option along with the pricing structure (if any). You cannot book time if your child already has a schedule in place for the same day & time you are trying to book.

      1. The button at the bottom shows the number of selected days.

    2. To remove a drop-in session from your order, tap Remove.

  5. When ready to schedule time and review your order, tap Review booking.

  6. Add Start time and End time.

    1. If your drop-in care is billed with a flat rate per day, you'll pay the same price regardless of how many hours you select.

    2. If your drop-in care is billed with a flat rate per hour, you'll pay a price based on the number of hours you select. In some cases, there may be a minimum number of hours required to book.

  7. Add or select your preferred payment method.

  8. After reviewing your order, tap Reserve & pay to book your drop-in care slots.

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