As a parent or guardian, you can mark your child as absent for the day right in the Parent App. Start on the Home screen of the Parent App and then tap the blue tile with your child's name; in the below example, the child's name is Aditya.

The "Children" menu will appear. On the upper right of the menu, tap "Mark an absence" to be brought to the Mark Absence screen.

On the Mark Absence screen, tap the check mark to the right of the student(s) you would like to mark absent; when the check mark is blue, that means that student is selected. If you'd like, you can tap on "Reason for absenceā€¦" to bring up your device's keyboard and write a note to include with the absence record. When you're all set, tap "Done" on the upper right of the screen.

You'll be returned to the Home screen. Now, when you tap on the your child's name tile to open the "Children" menu, you'll see your child marked as absent, as indicated by the orange dot on their profile photo and the word "Absent" below their name.

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