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Share documents with a specific group of guardians

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From the Admin Dashboard, navigate to the Paperwork tab. Click on the Documents tab. When creating a new document or editing an existing document, click on the blue Share button in the top right corner of the screen to select recipients. Documents can either be viewed by "Everyone" meaning all guardians in your dashboard or by "Specific groups" of guardians. If you select "Specific groups" in the drop-down menu, you'll be prompted to select the specific group of guardians that can fill out the document. The specific groups are categorized by:

  • Classrooms

  • Programs

  • Listings

Select the checkbox next to any of the following categories of guardians to allow them to complete the specific document. If you would like to select guardians from a listing to be document recipients, you will need to add this document to the Required document section of the listing itself. You cannot include individual guardians to be document recipients, they must be in one of the categories.

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