Use programs to tag and group students together.

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Programs have multiple functions in Playground. They can be used to track attendance for extracurricular or after-school care, charge usage based fees, or to tag and group students together for easy reporting.

In order to tag a group of students, start by creating a no-fee program. The program should be called by the unique identifier these students will be grouped by. Once the program has been created, enroll the students that you'd like to tag into the program. Once enrolled, you'll be able to filter reports based on this specific grouping of students.


You have students in your center on scholarship or a food subsidy program. You'd like to group them together so you can run reports in Playground on this specific group of students. Start by creating a program called "Subsidized Students".

Enroll students that receive a scholarship or subsidy into the Subsidized Students program.

Filter reports based on this specific group of students.

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