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Conditional questions on forms
Conditional questions on forms

Ask parents specific questions based on previous question responses.

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When creating an enrollment listing and/or a form, conditional questions can be added based on previous responses selected by the guardian. A conditional question is a question that only appears if the guardian selected a specific answer to a previous question. The specific answer needed is defined by the admin when building the conditional question.

In the form creator window, click the downward arrow symbol, as seen above, that will allow you to add a conditional question or visibility logic. This will make the specific question you are creating into a conditional question. Next, complete the required fields to specify the guardian's answers that should prompt this question to appear.

Question visible if

Select the question in the drop-down menu that needs to be answered in order for this question to appear. Only single choice questions can be used for conditional questions.


Select whether the question above "Equals", "Is not equal to", "Is empty", or "Not empty".


Based on the criteria selected above, select from all single choice options in the drop-down menu.

Based on the example given above, the question "If other please specify" will only appear if the "Other" option was selected in the single-choice question "How did you hear about us?".

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