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QR code check-in/out for guardians
QR code check-in/out for guardians

Learn how to check in and out by scanning a QR code

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QR Code self check-in is one of the easiest ways to check your student in or out while eliminating cross-contact contamination(contactless). Prior to checking students in and out, you'll need to add students and invite parents to the Admin Dashboard.

QR Code check-in/out process

  1. From the parent app, tap the QR code symbol at the top right corner, near the chat bubble.

  2. The next screen will have a camera (you must accept camera permissions in order to use the feature). Your school should have a unique QR code for you to scan on-premises, either printed out on a sheet of paper or on a staff members device directly. Place the QR code in the dotted box to scan it. Once you scan the QR code, you will be taken to the self check-in flow.

  3. You will now see the Select students screen, where you can select which students you are checking in/out. If the guardian listed is not you, please select the Not you? option and select your name from the list.

  4. Once you click the blue Check in/out button, you will go through the signature flow, including the wellness check questions if applicable. Finally, sign your signature on the dotted line when prompted, and press the Submit button to finalize your check-in/out.

  5. You should see a success confirmation at the bottom of your screen, indicating you're done!

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