Charge guardians for checking out after the student's scheduled time.

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Playground can automatically calculate overage charges on your behalf to make billing for these charges a breeze. We never automatically charge guardians for an overage time in case a guardian simply forgot to check out their student but did in fact pick them up on time.

To begin calculating overage charges, start by entering schedules for each student. Next, set your overage billing rate in the schedule settings.

When a student is checked out past their scheduled time, Playground will add the student to the Overages tab, found under the Billing tab and Fee Approvals.

Click the following options to the right of each student's pending overage charge:

  • Charge: charge the student the amount in the Overage fee column. This amount will immediately be added to the student's ledger

  • Edit: Edit the amount of the Overage fee prior to charging the student

  • Forgive: dismiss the charge and do not add it to the student's ledger. This action is typically taken if the guardian simply forgot to check out but did pick up on time.

By selecting the checkboxes to the left of multiple student's names, you can charge or forgive in bulk.

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