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Add expense receipts via the mobile app
Add expense receipts via the mobile app

Add and upload receipts for expenses via the Playground mobile application

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Expenses on the mobile app

Tap on the three horizontal lines at the top-left of your view on mobile.

Tapping on the icon above will open the side navigation bar, and you will want to tap on Expenses.

You will now be navigated to the Expenses dashboard on the mobile application.

Upload a receipt to an expense via the mobile app

In your Expenses dashboard, your expenses will be listed and the system will give you an indication of whether a receipt for that specific expense. Tap on "Missing receipt" to get started.

Once you tap on "Missing receipt", you will be navigated to the Transaction details screen where you will view information regarding that expense. You will also be prompted to enter additional information for your records.

You will want to locate the Receipt section and tap on the blue "Add" button.

You will be able to select where you are adding the receipt from:

  • Take Photo - this option allows you to take a photo on the spot.

  • Media Library - this option will allow you to browse the photos on your device for any receipts you've already photographed.

Once you have selected the proper photo or have taken one of the receipt, you will be able to see a small photo of your receipt as a confirmation. You will also have the ability to tap "Replace" to take another photo or choose another photo from your library.

Once you have selected the photo and are happy with the receipt, tap on the "back" arrow at the top of your view to return to the Expenses dashboard.

You will now notice a small, green paper icon notifying you that your receipt was successfully added.

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