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Time Space Percentage

Record Time/Space Percentage and track expenses for purchases made

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Time/Space Percentage calculator

In the Overview tab under Expenses, you can calculate the amount of your home that is being used for child care by clicking on the blue "Time/Space %" option next to "Manage Balance".

This will bring up the Time/Space % calculator. As you enter information into the fields, you will notice the information update to calculate how much of the space is being used for child care.

Track expenses using Time/Space % as a classification

When adding an expense into Playground, you're able to select the classification that the purchase falls under. In this case it will be Time/Space or Timespace for short. Click the blue "Add expense" button on the Expense Overview dashboard to begin.

  • For more information on getting started with expenses, please reference this article.

The Add expense window will populate, and you will want to fill out the fields. Ensure that you click on the "Expense Classification" dropdown menu to select "Time space usage". Once you have completed all of the fields, click on "Save Expense".

Once complete, you will notice your new expense be added to the Transactions section of the Expense Overview dashboard.

  • For more information on how to add a receipt for expenses from the desktop dashboard, please reference this article.

  • For more information on viewing your expenses on the mobile application, please reference this article.

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