How to create charges

Using recurring charges allows you to automate weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly charges to your guardians.

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For a step-by-step, video walkthrough of creating charges click HERE.

Payment Settings

First, you will want to check your Payment settings by clicking on "Settings" and then on the Payments tab in the Admin Dashboard. These settings determine the frequency of billing, due dates, and more. If you have students on different billing frequencies, for example, a monthly and weekly frequency, select the frequency that is most common at your school.

For students who differ from the frequency in settings, navigate to the student's profile from the Students tab of the Admin Dashboard. Click on the Settings tab of their student profile and switch the Billing frequency.

Use the "Getting Started" section of this Payments overview article for more information on payment settings.

How to create a recurring charge

On the Administrator Dashboard, navigate to the Statements tab under the Billing header. Click the "Create Charge" button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

You'll be brought to the Add Students page that displays a table with your center's student roster. You can filter this roster by program, class, or active status using the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the table or search by student name. When you find the student(s) you would like to create a charge for, check the box next to their name. Only select multiple students at one time if they have the exact same charge amount and frequency. As you add names, they will appear in the column to the right-hand side of the screen under "Invoice Summary." When you're done adding students, click "Continue" below the student roster table on the right.

You'll be brought to the Add Charges page, where you can add charges to the student/s. In the Items section, click the "Select Item" dropdown menu to either create a new billable item or select from the items you've made in the past. Add the price, any discounts, and accounting codes. In the "This charge should be" field, click the drop-down arrow.

In the This charge should be section, you will select from the following three charging options:

  • All at once: Charge the total of items at one time on the next due date based on payment settings.

  • In multiple installments over a period of time: Divide the total items by a set number of installments to be paid over a certain time frame.

  • Recurring for a set amount of time: Charge the items multiple times into the future for a set number of installments.

If you select the recurring or installment option, you will select the following options:

  1. This charge will occur: Weekly, Every other week (for biweekly charges), or monthly

  2. Duration: number of times into the future this charge should post for recurring charges or the number of installments the full price should be divided into

  3. The first charge will be due: due date of the first charge

The Item Overview will display a line item per charge. If you added a discount, an additional indented line item will appear below each charge showing the discounted amount. Each line will show you the amount to be charged per installment, the date the new charge will be visible to parents, and the due date. The balance date is always the date following the previous due date. The due date is going to populate based on payment settings. Click "Save item" once you've entered all of the item's information. You can add multiple billable items at one time by clicking "Add item".

Once you've set up your charges, click Continue in the bottom right corner.

On the Review Statement page, you can see a statement as it will appear to parents. Parents will only see one installment at a time. If you need to make a change, click the "Back" button the top left of the screen; if no changes are necessary, click the "Create Charges" button in the top right.

You'll be returned to the Payments Overview page on the Administrator Dashboard and receive a notification that the charge has been made.

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