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Add students

  • Click "Download roster" in the top right corner of your Admin Dashboard's Students tab. Complete the required fields (student name, class, parent name, and parent email) and any other information

  • Upload your student roster

  • Email parents about the switch to Playground using THIS template

  • Click the blue "Send sign-up link" button at the top of the Guardians tab when you're ready for parents to start creating accounts

  • Create a post in your feed with the Parent App Overview video

Invite and train teachers

  • Add teachers and staff

  • Create a post in your feed with the Staff Training video. Make sure to have "All Staff" selected as the recipients of the post

Charge tuition

  • Click Billing > Overview > Get Started in the Admin Dashboard in order to sign up for online payments

  • Check your Payment Settings by clicking on Settings > Payments tab

  • Bill guardians for tuition and set up recurring payment plans

Set Up Documents


  • Review the Settings tab to ensure Playground runs how you'd like it to

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