We're so excited to have you join the Playground family!

Below you'll find a list of steps to successfully set up your Admin Dashboard and start using the software:

  1. Bookmark the Admin Dashboard on a Chrome or Safari window: https://app.tryplayground.com/signin.

  2. Add your students, guardians, and classrooms:

    1. Upload your student roster

    2. Email or notify parents about the switch to Playground

    3. Click the blue "Send sign-up link" button at the top of the Guardians tab when you're ready for parents to start creating accounts

    4. Create a post in your feed with the Parent App Overview video

  3. Invite your staff:

    1. Add other administrators and teachers

    2. Create a post in your feed with the Staff Training video. Make sure to have "All Staff" selected as the recipients of the post

  4. Set Up Your Billing:

    1. Sign up for online payments so you can begin collecting payments and application fees from parents by clicking on Billing > Overview > Get Started

    2. Check your Payment Settings by clicking on Settings > Payments tab

    3. Bill guardians for tuition and set up recurring payment plans

  5. Set Up Enrollment:

    1. Create your Enrollment Listing

  6. Set Up Documents:

    1. Add Paperwork you want guardians to complete

  7. Settings

    1. Review the Settings tab to ensure Playground runs how you'd like it to

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