Welcome to Playground's Parent App! We know learning how to use a new app can be daunting, so we've created this guide to help you get started and feel confident.

It's important to note that Playground parents can do everything they need through the Parent App; there is no web or desktop version of Playground for parents and guardians. The Administrator Dashboard is for center administrators only. Parents do not sign into the tryplayground.com website.

Parent App overview

The Parent App has a variety of features that cover the necessary, like sign-in/out, and the fun, like classroom and family Timelines. Once you've signed up for Playground as a parent, download the Playground App from your device's app store and log in.

You'll land on the Home screen, as shown in the screenshots below.

In the upper left corner, you'll see a circle with a user profile icon (a photo in the screenshot). Tap on this icon to upload a profile picture. In the upper right corner, you'll see a chat icon; tap on this icon to access your chats.

Each colored tile also brings you to different features of the Parent App.

  • Wellness Check: If your center has required a health check to be completed for your child before they're signed in, this tile is visible; tap here to being answering health check questions

  • Manage Guardians: Add, edit, or delete the guardians associated with your child

  • Carpools: Schedule and manage carpools to grant temporary sign-in/out permissions to other parents at your center

  • Self Check-In: If your center uses a QR code for sign-in/out, tap this tile to bring up a camera that can scan the QR code

  • Payments: If your center uses Playground's Payments feature, manage and make payments here

  • Timeline: View family and classroom timeline posts

  • Announcements: View announcements made by your center

  • My Documents: Upload, view, and fill out forms for your center

  • My Account: Manage account preferences, switch accounts, and log out

Lastly, to view your child's profile, tap on the blue tile with their name to bring up the "Children" list, then tap on their name again in the list. From this profile, you can view recent sign-in/outs and activities recorded for your child, as well as update your child's profile picture by tapping the user profile icon.

Additional resources

Below are some articles that will help you get started with the Parent App. You can always find these and other related articles in the "For Parents" collection in our Help Center.

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This video helps new users create an account and sign in to the app for the first time.

First steps

Important features

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