Welcome to Playground's Parent App! We know learning how to use a new app can be daunting, so we've created this guide to help you get started and feel confident.

It's important to note that Playground parents can do everything they need through the Parent App; there is no web or desktop version of Playground for parents and guardians. The Administrator Dashboard is for center administrators only. Parents do not sign into the tryplayground.com website.

Parent App overview

The Parent App has a variety of features that cover the necessary, like sign-in/out, and the fun, like the feed. Once you've signed up for Playground as a parent, download the Playground App from your device's app store and log in.

You'll land on the Home screen, as shown in the screenshots below.

In the upper left corner, you'll see a menu icon that opens up:

You can also tap on the circle near your name to upload a profile picture. In the upper right corner, you'll see a QR code symbol, which will be used to check in and out, and a chat icon, tap on this icon to access your chats.

To view your child's profile, tap on the blue section at the top of the Home screen that says "View child's profile". From this profile, you can view information, such as birthdays, allergies, and medications. From the profile view, you can "Edit profile", "Mark absence", or add a Note. Lastly, you can update your child's profile picture by tapping the user profile icon.

Additional resources

Below are some articles that will help you get started with the Parent App. You can always find these and other related articles in the "For Parents" collection in our Help Center.

Popular topics

This video helps new users create an account and sign in to the app for the first time.

First steps

Important features

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